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About the Dreams To Reality Project
The Say Family chose Estemerwalt Log Homes for three main reasons:

1. They specialize in custom design log homes

While Estemerwalt Log Homes has models of homes you can choose from, they love to work with you to get exactly what you want. So our family began with their professional staff and told them our ideas and what we wanted in a log home. From concept to reality they worked with us patiently until we finally had the home of our dreams. From our concept to reality.

2. Estemerwalt Log Homes has been in business and is family owned for over 127 years!

In today's market when you see log home designers come and go, we wanted to make sure we worked with a company that was around for a long time.

3. We were never a number.

At Estemerwalt Log Homes they are a small family owned and operated business and treat every customer with personal care and attention. They were with us every step of the way and while building any kind of home can be very stressful, the professionals at Estemerwalt made the process as stress free as possible.

A rustic Estemerwalt log home
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